Video teasers

E-Learning training

Rolling out training sessions and creating the right conditions to achieve your objectives necessarily entail communicating with participants and management.

That is why we sometimes use custom-made video teasers to get the message across – interviews, vox-pops, benchmarking films, spoofs, motion videos, making-of documentaries and so forth.

Livening up training programmes

Our videos can be used to kick off classroom sessions, in mail-outs to build buzz, or as part of broader communication plans.

They are often used to introduce distance-learning programmes as well.

A dedicated Cegos team

The Cegos Studio has over 10 years’ experience in producing bespoke films, and will handpick qualified, respected technicians for your specific project.

Our teams will co-design the video with you and Cegos business experts, and invariably build an educational slant into their productions.