Classroom multimedia kits

E-Learning training

Classroom multimedia kits are tailored solutions to liven up courses and add up-to-the-minute training methods.

Packing exciting content into courses with a wider variety of training methods

  • Easy-to-use, state-of-the-art media (videos, animation, games) for tutors
  • Innovative training methods (courses draw on a variety of material and media)
  • Flexible tools that grow as their needs do (tutors can add, remove and rearrange media to suit their needs)

One media player, multiple media options

Classroom multimedia kits are tools for tutors.
They help tutors to plan their sessions, and to rearrange sequences and adjust their presentations in real time.

Banking and retail companies are using these tools extensively on international markets.

The advantage for learners is that their courses intertwine conventional presentations and interactive games, videos or animations. Classroom multimedia kits can be used on PCs, video projectors or tablets. They harness multimedia power to enhance training.


Producing a multimedia kit involves blending a tutor’s industry-specific and training expertise with the Cegos Studio’s multimedia expertise.
The edu-taining sequences can be made to measure and the options include interactive video sequences, collaborative and participative quizzes, media-mix games (board games plus multimedia interaction) and more – all geared towards enhancing training outcomes.