Self-assessments & quizzes

E-Learning training

Assessing, ascertaining and encouraging knowledge

We use multimedia quizzes and assessments to check learner knowledge in order to fine-tune course content (before the course) or ascertain course success (after the course). These assessments and quizzes typically map out skills in relation to preset objectives.

Our customers choose this option for several reasons:

  • To verify learner knowledge at the end of a training path
  • To give users extra practice
  • To monitor learner progress

A choice of uses

We typically run our assessments on customer or Cegos LMS online platforms.
In that case, learners take the assessments before or after on-site or off-site courses.

We also have assessments for learners to take during classroom courses on mobile or touch-screen devices.

The goal is the same as online assessments but these ‘tests’ also allow trainers to monitor progress in real time.
Participative or team quizzes are versatile solutions that spark participant emulation and build up into an elaborate ‘production’.

Cegos Studio experts at your service

The Cegos Studio takes care of the technical side of assessment production.
We create the quizzes with the business specialists and consultants who design the training course or path.
We also customise assessment visual environments to the training course’s environment and our customers’ visual branding.
Our approach is simple and user-centred whatever channel you choose.