Product E-Learning courses

E-Learning training

Understanding your company’s products and/or solutions to boost its performance

Know-your-product E-Learning courses are designed to give learners a better grasp of newly-released or flagship products and services.

Our customers choose this solution for several reasons:

  • To build knowledge about the products or services that the company sells
  • To present the associated sales pitch and rally target populations around them
  • To communicate on a product’s strengths and benefits

Understanding the constraints and challenges of the company’s products and/or solutions

Team members who take know-your-product courses embark on a step-by-step in-house experience to learn about the techniques and methods at the core of their company’s products and/or solutions.

They will be able to refer back to course literature at any time in the future. This course is also an effective way of circulating best practices and bringing teams up to speed across the company.

Leading retailers, large industrial and automotive firms, banks and energy utilities have chosen know-your-product E-Learning courses for extensive international rollout, especially during product launches.

This solution enables learners – typically in sales jobs – to understand a product’s key features and build the associated sales or marketing pitches.
Learners will also be able to refer back to their course literature to find specific information at a glance.

A team of experts to talk to

At the Cegos Studio, we use sophisticated visual effects to spotlight products in learners’ working environments. We work with our customers to co-design our visual approach.

We break down the training path into manageable and meaningful units of knowledge, and use interactive and edu-taining methods to get them across.