Job-specific courses

E-Learning training

Job-specific E-Learning courses are geared towards coaching employees into their new duties.

Develop your talent

Customers choose these solutions for several reasons:

  • To walk learners through the first steps in their new jobs
  • To get them up to speed on job basics and best practices
  • To share the company’s core values

A step-by-step path to progress

Induction experiences rally employees, inspire them and are always available for them whenever they need a refresher.
Leading retailers, industrial firms, car makers and banks have used this E-Learning solution for large-scale international rollout.

Learners appreciate these solutions because they help them to hit the ground running on their jobs, and provide a comprehensive compendium of key practices that they can refer back to when necessary.

100% distance-learning is one option for the job-specific courses we develop, but we can also blend interactive multimedia content into classroom courses.

A team of experts to help you roll out your projects

At the Cegos Studio, we put training content and methods into context, i.e. in learners’ real-life working situations, with E-Learning experiences packed with immersive environments (photo and video realism or realistic 3D situations, and real-life cases for classroom sequences).

Easing employees into new jobs typically involves processing large amounts of content. That is why we break down the overall course into manageable and meaningful units, and broach them from an interactive and edu-taining angle