E-Learning induction paths

E-Learning training

E-Learning induction paths are geared towards easing newcomers into their new jobs.

Understanding the company to let talent thrive

  • To coach learners through their first steps in the job
  • To bring them up to speed on the job’s basics and best practices
  • To share the company’s values

A step-by-step path to on-board the company’s culture, business and stakes

An E-Learning induction path is an engaging and powerful experience for newcomers, who can refer back to the material at any time.

Leading retailers, industrial and automotive firms and banks have chosen e-learning induction paths and rolled them out extensively in their international markets.

This solution helps learners gradually settle into their jobs and learn the basics and key practices they need to do it.
This is an essential step. It is the first time newcomers come into contact with their new job – and, sometimes, with the company.

Once they have settled into their jobs, learners should also be able to refer back to their induction course literature to find specific information at a glance.

A team of experts to help you roll out your projects

All E-Learning induction paths by the Cegos Studio use immersive environments – photo and video realism or realistic 3D – to put content in context and tailor training to learners’ working environments.

Bringing newcomers up to speed in their new jobs typically involves giving them a lot of content to process. That is why we break down the path into a sequence of manageable units, and use edu-taining and interactive approaches to tackle each one.

We support our customers throughout path rollout by:

  • Guaranteeing the technical installation on customer or Cegos platforms
  • Producing modules that will be easier to translate, update and localise
  • Providing associated communication tools (video teasers, training events, promotional campaigns, etc)