E-Learning courses on tools

E-Learning training

E-Learning courses on tools and educational software

Sharpening your jobs skills by mastering the company’s tools and methods.

E-Learning courses on tools and educational software are designed to help learners understand and use the software applications in use in their company – CRM, HR management, project management, etc.

Our customers choose these solutions for several reasons

  • To build application knowledge and practice
  • To train users
  • To communicate about a new application during rollout

Meeting requirements across the board

E-Learning courses on tools highlight the features in an application that a company has decided to roll out.

They also give employees a handbook for using the tool.

Leading industrial, automotive and banking groups use E-Learning on extensive international rollout programmes especially when they introduce new tools.

This solution enables users to on-board the application’s key features during a training course and understand what they stand to gain from using it.
Learners should also be able to refer back to their course for instant access to the specific information they need: the course material is the learner’s handbook.

Service-focused Cegos Studio experts

The Cegos Studio opts for end-user immersion every time it can, to spotlight the tool in the learner’s working environment. Our solutions place users in typical everyday situations with specific goals based on real-life situations.

Whenever possible, we use realistic visuals (static or dynamic screenshots) from the application.

We break down courses into manageable, meaningful units and use interactive and edu-training approaches to tackle each one.