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 E-Learning strategy & consulting

The training universe has evolved considerably over the past few years, shifting its centre of gravity towards technology-based approaches and new tools. This migration has spawned new requirements and usages, which companies need to adapt to (including communities of practice, informal learning and corporate social networks).

Discussing and analysing training requirements

Building an E-Learning project involves discussing and analysing learning habits and requirements in an organisation. This is the groundwork for mapping out the key steps to setting up an E-Learning project.
Cegos has been working side by side with customers, analysing, building and rolling out innovative training approaches for a decade.

The key questions you need to answer:

  • Where is the added value in my organisation’s training programmes?
  • What topics do we need to address first?
  • What issues is the company facing (newcomers, a common culture, HR strategic alignment, etc)?
  • What is our target audience, and what training and operational outcomes are we aiming for?
  • What tools do we need for our online training programme?
  • What yardstick can we use to tell whether an e-Learning project was successful?
  • Where do we start (blended learning, rapid learning, e-Learning, tailored, off the shelf, serious games, etc)?

Cegos will coach you through:

  • Your E-Learning strategy based on the issues you need to tackle, goals, target audience, available content and available resources
  • Educational engineering: analysing your current training options and opportunities to optimise them with new learning methods (E-Learning, knowledge management, collaborative tools, etc)
  • The blended training programme’s architecture, to find the right mix and build it into efficient and effective multimodal training paths
  • Defining key success factors and the right conditions to roll out a blended and E-Learning project
  • Creating and moderating communities of practice with tried and tested methods for collaborative work
  • Custom-designing E-Learning modules to your requirements