Change management

E-Learning training

Change management and communication

Developments in the internet and digital realm are reshaping our environment and kick-starting deep-reaching changes in organisations. Today, for example, the line between working time and training time, and the differences between briefing and training, are blurring. Cegos will coach you through all the steps to roll out original and effective training experiences that tackle those emerging challenges.

Involving participants to increase training-course turnout

The key to involving participants in training paths including E-Learning content is to use high-quality training methods and to coach participants through their first steps into a training approach that requires them to try out new practices.

Communicating on E-Learning projects in-house

One of the keys to smooth E-Learning project rollout is targeted communication when you kick off the project, and explaining the initiative during and right after the course. The best approach, here, is to think of project-related communication as a training target in itself.

Cegos will look at the issues, situation and training culture in your organisation to map out the stakeholders, targets and most appropriate communication angle for each one (i.e. sponsors, project managers, line managers, team members, etc) to motivate participants and, especially, build meaning into the training course.

Cegos teams will coach you through the steps to create and run the right communication plan for your course. This includes:

  • Setting up communication tools (teaser videos, goodies, posters, guides, etc)
  • Organising synchronous or asynchronous collective workshops (introductory workshops, challenge workshops, etc)
  • Managing editorial content on your training portal (newsletters, testimonials, etc)

Facilitating E-Learning

Change management may also involve tailored or one-to-one support. The goal is to share methods and tools that optimise learning and deliver the training objectives you have set.

Cegos will work with you to create a support system that includes:

  • Telephone or e-mail tutoring to support course organisation and integration
  • Videoconferences to welcome participants, send out reminders or round up training
  • One-to-one coaching by expert consultants, etc