E-Learning training

New internet technology has made it possible to bundle videoconferences into distance learning courses. These conferences are effective alone and can likewise complement other off-site training methods for team members who are far away, on the road or too busy.

One solution to optimise your distance learning experience

Videoconferencing involves using the web to connect a virtual classroom. Sessions typically last roughly 75 minutes, and the tutor and learners interact throughout (learners can connect effortlessly through a specific application that substantially facilitates exchanges).

Today, learners can train at their desks with the same ample interaction and real one-to-one exchanges that only classroom courses could provide before.

Videoconferencing opens the door to:

  • Additional exchanges after the course
  • Sharing expectations or feedback
  • Using training outcomes on the job

The advantages

  • Interactive and available to all

    – A course anywhere, anytime (all you need is an internet connection and a telephone)
    – Distance training sessions led by a real tutor for a group of learners off-site
    – Extensive interaction using a trailblazing application (including quizzes, games and assessments)
    – Genuine one-to-one interaction matching classroom training experiences

  • Anywhere, anytime

    – An option to train large groups
    – An option to involve teams fast
    – An option to update knowledge and/or skills, or whenever you need to circulate new information
    – Complements on-site classroom courses
    – No travel costs

  • Applying course content accelerates learning

    – Intensive hands-on real-life situations, simulations and activities
    – Original content crafted by our experts and geared towards using course content on the job

  • Cegos experts

    – Industry professionals with more than 20 years’ experience
    – Experts in their fields
    – Cegos-certified