E-Learning training

Videocasts are very brief (1 to 5 minutes long) and available online via a Learning Management System. This video content can be used at any point in a training course, and blend into any and all other training methods.

Instant access to expert insights 

Learning methods are evolving and Generation Y has kick-started an all-new approach to professional training. Our goal is to provide courses packed with exciting content, using compelling tools and a variety of methods. At Cegos, we have developed over 100 videocasts spanning Management, Sales and Marketing, Communication, Negotiation, Personal Efficiency and other areas. The wealth of content in these videocasts effectively boosts classroom training.

The advantages

  • Expert advice at everyone’s fingertips

    – Experts filmed providing lively, to-the-point and fun insights on a specific issue

  • A fast and fun way to learn

    – 5 minutes max, highlighting the key points to remember
    – Expert tips, no frills, no time wasted, no nonsense

  • Simple and available, in line with today’s trends

    – Learners save time
    – Extensive circulation at no extra cost
    – A low-cost concept
    – Simple to use, on your PC whenever you want it