Social Learning

E-Learning training

This learning method involves sharing, building and cooperating with others remotely using collaborative tools (wikis, chat rooms, forums, blogs, etc) or corporate social media.

Today, 70% of learning in a company occurs informally.

Opening up to communication and facilitating cooperation

Social Learning is a way of building knowledge, attitudes and skills by connecting with others (peers, mentors or experts) via synchronous or asynchronous digital media.
Learners are no longer more recipients of the knowledge that tutors impart: they play an active role in the learning process. They take part in their own learning, work side by side with tutors and other learners and, last but not least, they share their own knowledge.


The advantages

  • Sharing, building or cementing practices and knowledge

    – A learning process guided by regular contact and partnering with peers
    – Ongoing relations, as the need arises
    – Developing communities

  • Identifying skills or people in the company

    – Continuous information sharing with colleagues in the company and outside contacts

  • Improve the access to learning

    – An open source of learning thanks to the web