Multilingual and Blended trainings (GLC)

E-Learning training

Turnkey blended courses in 12 languages : Gobal Learning by Cegos (GLC)

Over the past few years, Cegos has developed short blended training courses, in 12 languages, covering the main departments in a company.

Global Learning by Cegos is our solution to optimise your training projects :

  • Guaranteed innovative learning
  • International deployment from the number one training provider in Europe
  • The best content in all major business areas

These courses meet the same high standards regarding content and training methods as the other courses we produce, and are geared for companies that are expanding in international markets and need to train several team members on the same topic in France and around the world.

Global Learning by Cegos (GLC) : Our solution to optimise your training projects:

These short, effective blended courses last two days, and combine classroom sessions and E-Learning modules:

  • Reduced classroom time (2 days max.)
  • Pre-course and post-course assessments
  • Five 30-minute e-Learning modules available for one year

Benefits for the company:

  • A solution to meet all your strategic needs
  • Optimized training times
  • Training budgets under control

Benefits for the participants:

  • The mix of training methods enhances the learning
  • The blended format respects the learner’s pace
  • A long-lasting training effect

 A training solution to suit your needs

A Global Learning by Cegos® program  is a fully modular training package:

  • Classroom training or blended training?
    You choose the best solution for your company, your need and your teams.
  • You want to a personalised training program?
    We adapt the practical work and exercices
    Your logo appears on training books, e-learning modules, competency management platform…
    You may include your own documents, in the training books…

Real Localisation

  • Programs are translated into the language and adapted to the culture of the country where they are deployed.
  • All international programmes are delivered by consultants experienced in intercultural projects.
  • All are experts in classroom training, e-learning and blended learning solutions.

The advantages

  • First-class turnkey training solutions

    – Optimised training time
    – Controlled training costs (lower logistics costs, no translation costs)
    – A ready-to-used bundled solution that rolls out fast

  • Optimised learning

    – A combination of methods that boosts learning efficiency
    – A blended solution that lets learners work at their own pace
    – Learning over time
    – Comprehensive expertise handbooks
    – Thought-provoking activity booklets
    – Individual action plans

  • Support via an automated Learning Management System

    Companies can:
    – Track each learner’s progress
    – Assess training outcomes
    – Gauge training course efficiency
    – Cut training admin costs

    For employees:
    – A prerequisite assessment
    – A training outcome assessment
    – Help with organising their training
    – Continuous progress tracking

  • A solution that bends around a company’s requirements

    – The case studies and exercises can be tailored to your company’s business sector and issues
    -The visual branding can fit all training content (the e-Learning modules and online training management system, for example)
    – We can include company documents in the course