Distance Learning Paths

E-Learning training

E-training paths for long-term learning : 100% in distance

If you are looking for a first-class training course to sharpen your knowledge and stay in touch with the latest developments in your field, but are always on the go and have little time for training, read on.

What 100% distance learning paths are :

Cegos has created 100% distance learning courses spanning every company department – Management and Leadership, Marketing, Project Management, Finance and more – but able to fit around your busy schedule and limited mobility. All our e-training paths are geared for professionals who want to update their skills or delve deeper into their field of expertise.

Each path takes 4 hours to complete, at your own pace over 3 months. All the E-Learning modules, podcasts and videoconferences are created and run by Cegos experts.

11 key steps for E-Training success

  • 1 kick-off video conference before your E-training course begins, to introduce you to the training path and the tools
  • 2 assessments (pre-course and post-course) to track your progress
  • 4 E-Learning modules on the methods, tools, keys and approaches
  • 2 videocasts providing clear and concise insights on best practices
  • 1 videoconference to share, exchange with the group and start applying course content with the tutor
  • E-Tutoring by the tutor consultant, providing one-to-one support throughout the training course

The advantages

  • 100% distance learning means you have more freedom

    Access to a range of distance learning options (e-Learning, videocasts, videoconferences)

    – Each participant plots out his own action plan:
    – Establishing expectations before the course
    – Exchanging with the group and tutor on using course content on the job during the closing videoconference

  • Brief courses providing baseline expertise

    – 7 hours at your pace over 3 months
    – All the e-Learning modules, podcasts and videoconferences are created and run by Cegos experts

  • One-to-one coaching boosts course effectiveness

    – 2 videoconferences hosted by a tutor

    – The tutor and learners can liaise by e-mail at any time during the course (e-Tutoring)

  • Off-site, not out of touch

    – Learners are part of a group (as in classroom courses)
    – Learners are welcome to exchange views with each other