E-Learning modules

E-Learning training

These courses are up and running fast, available anywhere and anytime, inexpensive, and a few clicks away from a large audience. And those are only a few of the advantages of using E-Learning modules in standalone mode or blending them into classroom training courses.

Turnkey programmes, online, at your own pace

E-Learning modules are one option for distance learning. They last 15 to 45 minutes each and harness new web and multimedia technology to treat learners to an array of learning methods while providing instant access to additional resources and services.

At Cegos, we have been developing these training courses for several years now. Today our catalogue includes 300 ready-to-use modules in up to 15 languages, spanning every company department.

Every one of these modules is guaranteed to provide:

  • Real-life situations and cases based on our experts’ experiences
  • Entertaining, interactive training experiences at a lower cost (besides slashing travel expenses)
  • Learning sequences that learners can stop and start as they like without losing track
  • A platform available 24/7
  • Access to online resources

New technology enhances classical training methods and opens the door to faster, more effective learning.

You can use our e-Learning modules by themselves or combine them with:

  • Classroom sessions (blended courses)
  • 100% distance-Learning programmes

And, if you need more targeted content, our in-house Cegos Studio will be happy to design and develop E-Learning content to meet your specific requirements.

The advantages

  • Professional training for a fraction of the cost

    – Content reaches a wider audience
    – Fewer constraints on where and when learners learn
    – Theoretical content to practise, expound or complete classroom training

  • Customised individual learning experiences

    – Anywhere, anytime, at your own pace’
    – Pre-course and post-course assessments
    – A dedicated platform (the Learning Management System) to monitor your customised dashboard, track learner online time and progress, and access a variety of services

  • Original edu-taining learning experiences

    – An all- new entertaining and interactive approach to training, using a range of media (sound, text, video and more)