Blended courses

E-Learning training

Training and technology combine to boost skills

New technology is enhancing traditional training, adding efficiency and taking content further. Videoconferences, serious games, E-Learning modules and E-Tutoring are only four examples of the new options that are reshaping the training landscape – and that we have intertwined into ‘multimodal’ training content and bundled into more than 400 courses.

What blended courses are :

Blended courses combine various training options (i.e. classroom, distance and informal approaches) to deliver the most comprehensive training solutions on the market. Learners start with classroom courses then move on to e-Learning modules or the reverse, depending on their requirements and availability.
Classroom sessions focus on role-playing and experimenting. The E-Learning modules available before the classroom sessions bring the group up to the same speed.

There are several advantages for companies. Blended courses:

  • Optimise time and costs
  • Enhance training content
  • Solve geographic issues
  • Customise training experiences

Cegos teams of training experts create learner-centred solutions packed with smart combinations of training methods to boost skill-building efficiency. Combined and well-coordinated learning approaches empower learners to sharpen their skills substantially faster.

This training option is naturally eligible for the French individual training entitlement scheme.

The advantages

  • More than 400 blended courses covering every company department

    – An extensive choice of off-the-shelf modules covering the full spectrum of company training requirements
    – Interactive exercises, assessments and documents to download
    – Videocasts providing expert insights
    – Videoconference training expertise

  • Comprehensive training solutions from dedicated teams

    – Full customer support encompassing project definition and management
    – Guaranteed technical installation on customer or Cegos platforms
    – Support through change
    – Assessments of your e-Learning projects in your company

  • A team of Cegos business and training experts

    – A team of educational engineering experts
    – Seasoned tutors
    – Custom communication tool creation for the training course (video teasers, training events, promotional campaigns, etc)