Our E-Learning approach

The Cegos E-Learning approach: ‘Simple, interactive, with support throughout’

Cegos is a leading specialist in multi-modal educational engineering. It provides a wide range of multi-channel training solutions combining conventional approaches with the benefits of multimedia technology and E-Learning. The result is more effective learning at an affordable cost and accessible to everyone.
The Cegos Group’s drive to meet companies’ requirements and address the real-life situations that employees and training managers deal with in their jobs has led it to harness multimedia and other new technology to enhance its traditional training solutions.

The term E-Learning encompasses all the training approaches that use multimedia and other new technology to provide 100% distance or blended solutions, or enrich classroom experiences.

Flexible, customisable courses

Anywhere, anytime, at your own pace’. New approaches – from E-Learning to serious games and on to videoconferences, webinars, collaborative tools and E-Learning 2.0 – have added a whole new dimension to training solutions. Among other things, they are paving the way to greater freedom and customised learning experiences.
Human-resources and training departments across the board have embraced E-Learning solutions because they are simple to access, waive time and space constraints, and can reach large audiences fast. These courses build knowledge, align learners’ practices before classroom courses, allow learners to delve deeper into and use course content, and cement knowledge – at any time.

Optimised training budgets

E-Learning solutions also add value for participants and training managers by optimising logistics and travel expenses. These solutions provide access to operational and educational training modules at optimised costs and are available all the time On large-scale projects, E-Learning substantially reduces the cost of access to training, and delivers a consistent set of key messages to geographically dispersed audiences.

A blended training approach

Learning is a process that unfurls over time. This means that training content and methods, and the architecture connecting the learning bricks across the training solution, need to be consistent.

At Cegos, we put learners at the core of the system. There is no doubt in our minds that a smart combination of learning approaches is the key to boosting training efficiency and availability while cutting costs. That is why we provide:

Off-the-shelf and tailored e-Learning solutions :

      • A library containing more than 230 e-Learning modules. They are all interactive, customisable and localised (in roughly 13 languages), and span Management, Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Professional Efficiency, Human Resources and other fields. We put learners in the driving seat and because these modules focus intensively on hands-on operations, learners can put course content into practice as soon as they finish the course.
    • Method fact sheets, summaries, self-assessments and case studies complete and enhance these e-Learning modules.
    • Pre-course and post-course assessments gauge learner progres
    • 100 expert presentations in 2 to 5-minute videocasts that learners can play on the Learning Management System or mobile devices

100% distance or blended paths

  • Approximately 30 100% distance training paths intertwine E-Learning modules, videocasts and videoconferences, including on-hand tutor support.
  • Approximately 30 multilingual blended courses (e-Learning modules and classroom sessions) are ready for international delivery (Global Learning by Cegos).
  • More than 400 blended training paths cover the full spectrum of company training requirements.
  • Videoconferences (or virtual classrooms) designed and run by Cegos experts.
  • A tailored e-Learning approach with our in-house E-Learning Studio, which advises, creates, publicises and produces specific multimedia or E-Learning solutions (on job-specific issues or new products, educational software applications, newcomer-induction applications, etc).

 Turnkey training management services

We have bundled our educational engineering expertise and this E-Learning content into a content-distribution and training-management solution on an easy-access, customisable and intuitive platform to:
  • Manage individual and collective skill-development plans
  • Manage off-the-shelf or tailored distance or blended training paths
  • Generate full reports on all training options
  • Localise content in several languages

Hands-on advice and support

Support is one of the keys to e-Learning success. That is why Cegos will use its full breadth of expertise throughout your training experience:
  • Services for participants via a hotline, E-Tutoring, telephone calls, videoconferences, etc. to help learners on-board and share e-Learning best practices
  • On tailored projects, an E-Learning consultant will work with you to define the conditions for success, and to design the training architecture that best accommodates the target audience, the course content and the available resources