International projects

« Think global, Learn Local »

Learning departments and corporate universities are going global, but international learning projects across the world still pose a real challenge. How do we keep messages consistent, establish a common line for managers and support change when the corporate head office and the countries operate in a different language, culture and context? How do we reconcile global and local challenges? The Cegos Group, partner for leading multinationals has lead over 300 international learning projects worth in excess of €14 million in more than 20 countries.

Cegos works with you to:


Two examples:

A major multinational in the materials sector


  • Objective: help managers onboard the Group’s values and put them into practice in day-to-day management. Apply management by values in a practical, operational way while at the same time developing the Group’s managerial identity.
  • How? Catalyse and accelerate change in the Group through lively, interactive, hands-on training with a tailored course focused on the Group’s values. Bring the Group’s values to life in concrete actions and behaviours that can be seen in participants’ designated roles and objectives.
  • Outcome: 3,200 motivated managers aligned in 15 countries and in 8 languages


Tier-1 automotive supplier


  • Objective: professionalized managers on the Group’s production excellence system. Ingrain managerial rituals and develop a Kaizen mindset.
  • How? A 10-day tailored managerial learning path in 4 modules with a hands-on, operational approach for autonomous production unit managers and supervisors.
  • Outcome: over 1,000 managers trained in 18 countries and in 12 languages