e-learning training : Balancing the dual roles of people manager and technical expert


  • Assuming the dual role of manager and expert.
  • Reducing your management time.
  • Managing your and your team's expertise.

Concretely, you will be able to:

  • Managers are normally given responsibility for a team as a result of their expertise in a particular domain. This is a comfortable position, since this expertise gives them a certain authority in front of their staff.
  • Managerial responsibilities, however, are complicated by the existence of operational objectives.
  • Today, team management is recognized as a domain in its own right, with its own specific skills. However, managers are confronted with an economic reality that forces them to prioritize operational activities.
  • How, then, is it possible to reconcile management and expertise on a daily basis?
  • In this module, you will learn a series of immediately applicable tools and methods.

Target audiences

  • Any manager who has a dual role as both team leader and operational expert.


  • You will need to have completed a course on the basics of management.

The objectives of the E-Learning program

  • By the end of this module, you will be able to assume your dual role as expert and manager. You will know how to focus on those duties that generate the most value. You will have identified your organizational and personal obstacles.

Key advantages

  • Exercises to learn best practice and organize your time more efficiently.
  • A comprehensive overview of "organizational best practice".
Ref : MH157EN

Duration : 30mn

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This module is only available for in-company trainings and can not be sold on an individual basis.

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