e-learning training : Personal impact and charisma in leaders


  • Developing your personal impact and charisma.
  • Inspire enthusiasm in your staff so that they feel even more committed to serving customers and users.
  • Asserting your authority and enabling others to assert theirs.

Concretely, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate your charisma when working with others: in interviews, meetings, conferences etc.
  • Inspire enthusiasm in your staff.
  • Feel comfortable about asserting your authority and enable managers and project managers to assert theirs.

Target audiences

  • Management executives.
  • BU directors.
  • Directors of subsidiaries, etc.


  • No prerequisites.

The objectives of the E-Learning program

  • To make the most of your personal charm, impact on other people and authority.

Key advantages

  • Inspire enthusiasm in your staff.
Ref : M162EN

Duration : 30mn

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This module is only available for in-company trainings and can not be sold on an individual basis.

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