e-learning training : Securing managerial support for leadership


  • Clarifying the roles of managers in terms of developing leadership.
  • Involving managers by including them.
  • Coaching managers so that they succeed in helping their staff to succeed.

Concretely, you will be able to:

Involving your managers and project managers in the leadership process by:

  • explaining them what is at stake, and their role in the process;
  • involving them so that they become a real source of ideas and innovations;
  • supporting them to help them to 'succeed in helping their staff to succeed';
  • making sure that you too are part of the virtuous circle of 'succeeding in helping others to succeed'.

Target audiences

  • Management executives.
  • Managers of managers who want their managers to adopt leadership attitudes.


  • No prerequisites.

The objectives of the E-Learning program

  • To ensure that managers of managers and operational managers adopt leadership attitudes: to encourage them to bring out leadership potential in those around and alongside them.

Key advantages

  • Techniques to involving your managers and project managers in the leadership process.
Ref : M161EN

Duration : 30mn

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This module is only available for in-company trainings and can not be sold on an individual basis.

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