e-learning training : Managerial Intelligence - Level 2


Three 30' e-learning modules

Behavioural flexibility of the manager

  • Identifying effective and ineffective behaviour.
  • Overcoming inflexibility.
  • Managing ineffective behaviour.

Building win-win relationships with your team

  • Definition of a win-win relationship.
  • Preparing your arguments.
  • Differentiating between position and interests.
  • Reaching a win-win agreement with your co-workers.

The manager / communicator

  • Preparing your presentation.
  • Organising your message for more effect.
  • Adapting the impact of your presentations.

Three-day classroom course

1 Developing managerial intelligence

  • The Cegos model of managerial intelligence.

2 Guiding your team to consistently high levels of performance

  • Being an assertive manager.
  • Focusing individual and collective action.
  • Becoming a manager-coach.
  • Building team cohesion.

3 Developing your situational skills

  • A fresh approach to solving conflicts.
  • System-friendly decision-making.

4 Developing your impact and influence

  • Enhancing your persuasive powers when negotiating.
  • Building your relationship network.
  • Developing your communication skills.

5 Integrating the emotional dimension of management

  • Managing individual emotions.
  • Managing collective emotions.

Four 30' e-learning modules

Guiding team and individual actions

  • Defining a project for your team.
  • Orientations and objectives for the project team members.
  • Managing conflicting priorities.

Becoming a manager / coach

  • Becoming a manager / coach: benefits and issues.
  • What is a manager / coach?
  • Adopting the best practices of a manager / coach.
  • Coaching your team.

Effective decision-making

  • Analysing before making a decision.
  • Anticipating the impact of your decisions.
  • Making and implementing decisions.
  • Encouraging co-worker decision-making.

Handling emotions within your team

  • Reading emotional signals correctly.
  • Practising empathetic listening.
  • Responding adequately to co-workers' emotions.
  • Identifying and managing collective emotions.

Who should attend

  • Experienced managers.


Completed "Managerial intelligence - Level 1" (ref. 8552) or have a solid grasp of the basics of management.

The objectives of the E-Learning program

  • Become a more flexible manager.
  • Define and communicate a team project;
  • Become a manager-coach.
  • Handle conflict effectively.
  • Develop your impact and influence.
  • Manage the emotional dimension of your team.

Plus points

  • Pre-learning and post-learning assessments.
  • E-learning modules available for 1 year.
  • Personalised guidance during the entire training path.