e-learning training : Managerial Intelligence - Level 1


Two 30' e-learning modules

The management styles

  • The different management styles.
  • The positive aspects of each management style.
  • Adapting management style to circumstances: contextual management.

Fostering and maintaining motivation

  • Understanding how motivation works.
  • Using the right motivational levers.
  • Delegating and motivating.

Two-day classroom course

1 Developing managerial intelligence

  • The Cegos model of managerial intelligence.

2 Mastering management techniques

  • Developing effective behaviours.
  • Focusing individual and collective action.
  • Mobilising individual and collective energy.

3 Developing your situational skills

  • Understanding the system.
  • Initiatives and leveraging.

4 Developing your relationship-building skills

  • Implementing a communication process with your team.
  • Preparing for and leading a team meeting.
  • Managing sensitive situations.
  • Managing your relationship with your manager.

5 Developing your emotional skills

  • Managing your emotions.
  • Managing your stress.

Three 30' e-learning modules

The situational skills of the manager

  • Basic concepts in systemic analysis.
  • Analysing a situation or conflict using a systemic approach.
  • Handling all managerial situations effectively.

The relational skills of the manager

  • Setting up the right communication and information tools.
  • Taking team needs into account for consistent communication.
  • Preparing and conducting a team meeting.
  • Conducting an individual interview.
  • Managing sensitive situations.

The emotional skills of the manager

  • Understanding how emotions work.
  • Identifying and managing your own feelings.
  • Managing emotionally-charged situations.

Who should attend

  • Newly-appointed or first-time managers.


There are no prerequisites for this training course.

The objectives of the E-Learning program

  • Focus on the added value of your management role.
  • Find out more about the sort of manager you are.
  • Understand how to focus individual and collective action.
  • Successfully solve management problems.
  • Build good working relationships.

Plus points

  • Pre-learning and post-learning assessments.
  • E-learning modules available for 1 year.
  • Personalised guidance during the entire training path.