e-learning training : Leading change


One 30' e-learning module

Managing change: identifying your profile

  • Defining a change leadership style.
  • The four main leadership styles.
  • Identifying your style.

Two-day classroom course

1 1st talent: YOU embody change

  • The four change-leadership styles.
  • Identifying the characteristics of these styles.

2 2nd talent: your clarity in choosing a strategy

  • Five principles for clear thinking.
  • The journey toward change: progress or breakdown.
  • Being resilient and preparing to change and create change.
  • Objective-based strategy.
  • Being clear about the advantages of not changing and the negative consequences of successful changes.
  • The seven criteria for an achievable change objective.

3 3rd talent: your ability to create the future

  • Metaphors supporting change.
  • The table of purposes.

4 4th talent: your network of allies

  • Three principles for building a network of allies.
  • What are networks for?
  • Identifying allies in the team or project group.
  • Network types.
  • Which network to choose?
  • What to expect in the change assimilation process.

5 5th talent: your first steps

  • Quick wins improve chances of success.
  • Planning your progress: changes achievable within the timeframe.

Four 30' e-learning modules

Managing change: process and tools

  • Change in terms of objectives.
  • Defining objectives and context.
  • Identifying the appropriate solutions for successful change.
  • Change accelerators and constraints.
  • Anticipating consequences.

Creating a vision of the future

  • Proactiveness in building the future.
  • Learning about desired states.
  • Fielding questions.
  • Adopting the table of purposes.
  • Using metaphors.

Managing change: strategic alliances

  • Building networks.
  • Using different networks.
  • Identifying key players to push for change.
  • Recognising and managing fears.
  • Conflict strategies during change.

Triggering the dynamics for change

  • Thinking globally and acting with precision.
  • Assimilate the theory of commitment.
  • Focusing on details and the first steps for change.
  • Best practices and pitfalls.

Who should attend

  • Line and cross-functional managers.


There are no prerequisites for this training course.

The objectives of the E-Learning program

  • Find out about your own profile as a change leader and identify your team members' profiles.
  • Clarify the objectives behind the decision to change and explain them to your team.
  • Engage your team members and nurture a proactive approach to change.
  • Turn problems into solutions
  • Increase your ability to influence by building a network of effective allies.

Plus points

  • Pre-learning and post-learning assessments.
  • E-learning modules available for 1 year.
  • Personalised guidance during the entire training path.